Why the Hypocrisy?

Life is unjust from the beginning. You make sure all other fellow sperms go wasted while you get hatched. Then you fight all the other eco-cycle inhabitants to survive. You consume the plants, hunt the animals, and kill the bacteria who themselves are in a struggle to survive by hooking on to you. You grow up, gradually. Your parents try to make you better than your peers. You wear good clothes because somewhere someone else is making them in an attempt to survive, but you don’t care. You grow up trying to be better than others in your schools.

You make sure you don’t let others beat you. You learn hard, you study well, you make sure every one but you is a loser. You get jealous, you want something that you don’t have. You long for better things for your self. You start working to feed yourself. If it is your own business, you try to be sure that every opponent runs out of business. If it is employment, you make sure you bargain for highest salary without bothering about your employer. For your emotional instincts you love someone, only because this completes you.

You work and you make sure you make more than others so you work harder. You get married to have someone to spend life with. You teach your kids and make sure they excel so that you feel content and happy and have a secured future.

This whole means that the life is not only unjust, it is based on a concept of selfishness. You are selfish from your first breath. Then why do we teach this virtue of selflessness in all story books, religions,and ethical standards. Why is it considered bad to be selfish. Isn’t that what we are?

2 thoughts on “Why the Hypocrisy?

  1. There stands a fine line between selfishness and selflessness. As you drown in making yourself stand out and in effect pushing everyone down, you owe yourself an explanation. So you give yourself excuses such as “this was my only choice” etc. that could satisfy you. But deep down the voice in your head, the unconscious mind, sees below the surface… and whether you listen intently or not… it wakes you up in the middle of the night to show you what you have done wrong.

    And you think you have to fix what you have done wrong. To satisfy this restlessness that your unconscious mind has electrified within you, you become selfless. You start loving what you hate. You give them more than they deserve. You satisfy your unconscious mind so that you can be at peace. Would you call that selfishness or selflessness? They might just be the same things to you.

  2. Yes,we are selfish!
    We are more focused on our own interests we have forgotten the foundation ‘The ethics’
    To make our point clear we can make it against someone,When we do something which is not Right we are restlessness and we acknowlege this to ourselves that we have done something wrong and our unconscious mind want peace and we make it ease ‘selflessness is opposite

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