A lecturer whose room flooded!

So the first post had to be this one! Right before the start of my lecture, I received a call from my neighbors who told me that my room is flooded! I forgot to close the tap water in the morning and by evening all of my room was filled with water and my socks were floating around the room like paper boats. One of the many things I really thank God for is my attitude towards these situations. I always end up enjoying them!

My clothes that I had gathered on the floor for laundry were wet and that was the major concern since the laundry man usually picks the clothes on Wednesday. However, I took a chance- sacked all the clothes in a bag and went to my laundry man. Surprisingly, he was available and I got rid of the wet clothes. Such coincidences are such a pleasure.

Next, I used a water drainage system that I am the sole founder of-  I soaked the water on the floor with a bed sheet and squeezed it out of the room to get rid of all that water. Took me 1 hour to get rid of it and to return to living (and lecturing)!

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