Get rid of “Focus on syllabus with no practical experience” Syndrome

Some of the students I interviewed during hiring process in our firm were inexperienced and their answer to any real life question was a simple, “Sorry sir, I have no practical experience and I have focused entirely on my books during my studies. If you ask me anything from my course, I will be able to answer promptly”. And I know they are hardworking because they were able to answer all the questions based on bookish knowledge! But that is why they were not hired.

It’s a competitive world today and you are expected to know things if you are competing in a saturated industry. This is the only reason that famous universities require you to do internships during studies so that you get some hands on experience.

Guys! As an employer, everyone wants an employee who has a small learning curve rather than investing 6 months on teaching basics to someone who just knows bookish stuff. These days financial industry is passing through tougher times and that is why they simply cannot afford to hire a guy who does not know anything. If anyone asks you to focus on your books only and you can get practical experience afterwards, you are going in the wrong direction sir.

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