Corruption Spotlight: Board Exams System

I got to know this just because my brother has been through his matriculation exams recently. The state of education system in Pakistan is at its worst these days. There is a bunch of Government School teachers that prepares students for the board exams. They do not work much on the students in the start but as the date of the big days approach, they start giving tests to students. It is not a secret that most of the questions these teachers test the students on are going to appear in the finals. They call this their sixth sense and intuition based on the experience but I guess there is more to it. Every teacher has a guess paper which he/she gives to the students near the exams. It doesn’t end here.

There is a shop in Multan which sells guess papers at hiked prices and the whole guess paper is word by word repeated in the exams. What can it be other than the loopholes in the current educational system which allows this to happen so smoothly. Apart from this, the relaxed atmosphere in the exam centers is something we’re all familiar with. Sad, right?

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