I’ve been restless all along. Started off with selling Pakistani flags on 14th August at an age of 10. Built my first java script based website when I was 14. Started investing in stocks when I was 18. Did my first internship when I was 20 and started Pakistan’s first Bay Blade tournament. First formal Job at an age of 21 years. Then, as expected, things slowed down. Kept working on a portfolio of stocks for family for the next three years. Started Pakistan’s first online blog “Finalyst” on educating aspiring finance professionals on how the industry works and how to join it. Sold Bakras (goats) on Eid in 2009. Started buying and selling used jeans in 2011. Left Job and partnered in establishing an accountancy college in the UAE later on. Started Pakistan’s first online price comparison website in 2014. Sold the stake in college and joined a bank in the UAE. Sold off the price comparison website in 2016. And now working on bringing effective strategic business management to SMEs around the world. Told you, been restless all along and taking calculated risks is my strength.  That being said, the Riddle is: How old am I?