Book review: Europe’s Unfinished Currency. The Political Economics of the Euro

Thomas Mayer argues persuasively that Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) could work if the member states would embrace a new EMU architecture. Even though all past monetary unions of sovereign states have failed, Mayer remains hopeful that the EMU can develop a more robust framework and contribute to the historical work of European unification.

The Itch List

Attending Live Qawali of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (not possible now – Need a time travel machine for this) Attending Live Qawali of Aziz Mian Qawal (not possible now – Need a time travel machine for this) Having at least one hour of face to face chat with Zia Mohyeddin Meeting Anwar Massod (Poet) for once


“Try to imagine jumping from the edge of a very tall building. Just floating, flying, weightless. Those seconds would feel like minutes, and you would be completely at peace. I often find myself wondering if that feeling would be worth hitting the ground at the end”.