Job requires Experience. Experience requires Job

Owing to the challenging environment, employers are reluctant to spend time on learning curve of freshers and are more inclined than ever to hire experienced people. Owing to this, it has become more difficult for fresh graduates to get into any reputed organization. But how to get the experience when no one is willing to offer it?
This is where the trade off theory should be applied!

Newcomers should be ready to face tougher times as they graduate and they should entirely focus on getting experience, rather than worrying about any salary. Try to pursue the organization to let you in at low or no salary and consider that 2-4 month period as a part of your educational career. As you get equipped with the basics and get the know how, you are now ready to at least convince the HR Department that despite being a newcomer, you have gone through the learning curve on your own.

If not much, this will certainly provide you the edge over other candidates. This is the time and you need to realize this now!

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