Academic scores matter

“Grades/GPAs don’t matter” is the most common phrase used by students at all levels to justify their results. No doubt grades/GPA do not perfectly correlate with excelling in real life but that doesn’t mean they are useless. Yes, they do not indicate how smart a kid is, but they are the best indicator for how hardworking a kid is. Yes, our current education system requires students to cram stuff, but it is no secret that cramming needs a lot of hard work. You might be a smart kid, but your low academic scores hint at you not being hardworking. So please take your grades/GPAs seriously. This system might not make u smarter due to its inherent testing limitations, but it surely makes you a hard working individual. And growing up into a Hardworking individual is a great personal achievement. It tells others that this person has self control, persistence, and he won’t give up till he gets it right!

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