Sony Xperia phones are the best android phones around

and it is sad that they are now looking to sell their mobile division because of losses. I decided to buy a new phone last year November and had many options like Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC M8, Sony Xperia Z3, LG G3, and Iphone 5s. My criteria for the perfect phone was:

  • Battery life: Could not compromise on this one. In my opinion, there is no reason to go for a flagship that has to be recharged at the end of the day. After paying the money these companies charge for a flagship phone, I deserve to get the peace of mind w.r.t battery life.
  • Camera that performs well in low light: When it comes to camera, we all start focusing on the megapixels and zooms, thanks to the marketing campaigns of mobile phone companies. We forget that in the end, all we want is good pictures that can be shared on social media. And after that we forget that most of the times, the pictures we take are in low light. When i say low light, I mean in light of a tube light or a single bulb in a room, or in a cafe (which are mostly dimly lit), or with friends (who we get to meet only in evenings mostly). After paying for these costly phones, we deserve that the cameras they include have the ability to take good pictures in low light scenarios.
  • Shape and material: Most of the android flagships had this problem. In order to price them competitively, the manufacturers just ignored the materials used that the overall look of the phone. This was one of the important factors, but not as important as the battery life and the camera.

There are many other things to consider but they all are secondary. Obviously one looks for a fast processor but that’s a given for most of the flagship phones. The operating system is also the latest. If a flagship phone doesn’t contain the aforementioned three things, we should rather go for cheaper options that are value for money rather than paying premium price for the flagship model.

So when it came to the final decision, the thought process was as follows:

Iphone 5S was out of question the worst among these options because it doesn’t give enough freedom around the operating system to a power user. You cannot multi-task on it. Samsung Galaxy S5 had an average battery life that doesn’t last for more than a day. It had on of the worst cameras when it came to low light photos, and it’s shape and plastic was pathetic. So no! LG G3 had a good design but a poor battery life and an average camera will average low light performance. Then came HTC M8 and Sony Xperia Z3. Both the phones were close competitors. However, I opted for Sony Xperia Z3 because 1) HTC M8 did not have the amazing design of HTC M7 (Though they introduced metal body which is good but the superior design of HTC M7), 2) The low light camera performance was good but it was only a 5MP camera as compared to Sony’s 8MP (20MP in manual mode), and 3) battery life was not as good as Sony Xperia Z3. So yes, I went ahead to buy the Sony Xperia Z3. And i never regretted it. Following are some of the features in this phone that are superior to other flagships:

  • Battery life: This phone has the best battery life you can expect from any smartphone. Over the last one year, I never had to charge the phone before 2 days of normal use. Even with 4g working and using it intensively, I never had to charge it before bed time.
  • Camera: You have to try it to believe it. The low light performance of this camera is brilliant. It is not just better than all other options in the market, it is nearly perfect. It can take fairly visible pictures in pitch dark rooms. Moreover, the camera is wide angle so you can capture more in one picture.
  • Waterproof: It is a proper waterproof phone so I can walk in the rain and use the phone at the same time without worrying about water going inside (though it hardly rains in the UAE).
  • Multi tasking: Sony had included a feature called “small apps” that let u do proper multi-tasking with two apps at the same time. I know one could do this is rooted phones but who has the time to root a phone these days.
  • Build quality: The phone build quality was superb with glass on the back and beautiful color options (for both Z3 Compact and Z3).

So yes, I bought Sony Xperia Z3 and never looked back. All my friends who meet me and compare the results of the camera also agree that this is an amazing phone camera. I wish I had the time to post low light pictures from this camera but you can easily see them online and compare with other phones. This sounds like a paid post but this is not. Sony deserves to be praised for such a perfect line up of phones.  And it is sad that their marketing team/budget has failed to market these superior phones the way they deserve. Sony has been reporting losses from mobile division due to several policy factors but primarily because they are making superior phones and have to keep the margins low in order to compete in the market. They are now looking to sell down their phone division and I’m afraid once it’s gone, we would have no option but to buy from these senseless companies like Samsung who sell us below average products at above average prices only because of their huge marketing campaigns. I have not had a chance to compare Xperia Z4 and Z5 with the current competition because I am too satisfied with my Z3. If you are looking for a good phone at a lower price, try getting your hands on Xperia Z3 which should be a great value after launch of Z4 and Z5. You will not regret it. Any Sony, thank you, your mobiles will be missed!


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