Sell Side Research Products

Following my previous post on A Day as a Sell-Side Research Analyst, I am going to talk about the research products here. Research products are the services that sell side research team provides to the clients. I am going to mention the most common ones here:

a) News Updates: Relevant news from newspapers and other sources are collected and sent to the clients in morning.

b) Daily Research Report: Every reputed research house prepares a brief report (1 to 2 pages) and sends it to the clients. They discuss different updates (monthly telecom subscriber numbers, auto sales numbers, NPLs of banks, cement dispatches), new research angles, previews and result expectations about different companies under coverage, reviews and analysis of actual results, target price updates, model and valuation updates. Different houses name their daily research report with different names like Morning Briefing for JS, Morning shout by KASB and so forth.

c) Detailed Research Report: When a subject needs to be discussed in detail, lets say, a significant upside in some stock, launch of coverage on a new company or a sector update, a detailed document is prepared where all the aspects are discussed with detailed analysis and projections.

d)Individual Queries: Sometimes, clients demand information on something that is not discussed in any detailed or daily report. Then you have to provide them with a special document prepared for them.

Liked it? Hated it? or want to add more to my knowledge? Comment below :)