Bro’s Matriculation Result-Hard Work Paid Off

Life is surprising! You feel you have had most of it but every thing in it has its own ecstasy in a different way. I felt that yesterday on my brother’s result. I was really happy as my brother just scored 90% in his matric exams, among the top scorers in Khanewal.

The reason for my happiness was not that he scored, it was the transformation of his hard work into a good result. To me, hard work and getting great scores in exams are totally different things. I learnt in my life that good scores in exams are not dependent solely on the hard work backing them in local examination system.

There are many other factors that come into play during the exams which decide your scores. So the only thing that matter to me is hard work. Once anyone gets a habit of working hard, the world gets way easier. In my life, most of the successful people were hardworking, rather than good scorers.

So my brother was a winner for me from the day he started studying hard for his papers despite the emotional disturbances he had to endure during this period. He kept working hard, kept going to tuition at odd timings, kept studying during load shedding, kept focused despite a company of average students, kept trying to run faster despite any competition, and that was what mattered to me.

I would have loved him more, had he scored less because it wouldn’t have been his fault. The result was just a good omen that God coincided his result with hard work (which is not that common). Secondly, I am happy that this result will strengthen his belief into hard work for the rest of his life. It would have been difficult for me to convince him of the importance of hard work had he become disappointed with low marks. Once a child develops this good habit of working hard, no one can stop him for the rest of his life.

He made us all really proud. My mother is really happy, she was the main driving force behind him. Despite her health problems, she kept him up late night, kept pushing him around when he lost focus. She has been the reason of success for both of us brothers, especially in the tedious arts subjects like Islamic Studies, Pakistan Studies and Urdu. Lots of stuff kept happening during the last one year at home where Talha was needed but my Mamus never let anything interrupt his studies. May God help him going forward as well.

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