How I managed my funds

I started managing a private fund in January 2009 in which different friends and family invested. The fund outperformed local equity market by a huge margin in 2009 (118% return) and right now I am managing funds of around Pakistani Rupee 2mn. Since all the investors in the funds wanted to keep it halal, I did not invest in banking stocks and fixed income as a principle. I will keep posting the weekly performance of my fund as opposed to the performance of the local equity market. I will keep writing about additions or deletions into my portfolio.

The portfolio currently is 90% invested in equities and 10% in currency.

I have invested in textile sector, cements sector freshly as i expect these sectors to perform in short term. The most under performing part of my equity portfolio is my investment in close ended mutual funds. These have been constantly under performing in the market.

I am currently holding Chinese Yuan, Australian dollars and some Euros in my currency portfolio. My major exposure right now is into oil exploration sector in equity market as i expect PPL and POL to perform in this quarter.

For commodities, I have a bearish view on Gold and wanted to buy an out of money put option of Gold to gain from my expected reduction in gold prices in future owing to the strengthening of US Dollar.

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