Karachi needs to learn how Chicken Karahi is made!

Yes, you read it right.

I’ve spent 4 years in Karachi and still my search is on for a tasty Chicken Karahi. It’s actually ironic. Karachi has a huge variety of food but when it comes to a reasonable Karahi, you have no options. By now, we have tried it at all the places highlighted by people including Afridi Inn, Sajjad, Al-Habib, Boat Basin (all eateries), BBQ Tonite, KBC, MA society Resturants, Highway, Zamzama, Burns Road, Khadda Market, etc. Any where you eat, you are totally unable to understand the taste. The only reasonable Karahi you find here is at Anwar Baloch. Thats it!

For all those visiting Karachi, do not expect or ask you hosts for a decent Chicken Karahi. You will be disappointed and dismayed!

7 thoughts on “Karachi needs to learn how Chicken Karahi is made!

  1. Agreed. Lahore is best for Chicken Karahi, but then, Lahore lacks variety. Karahi is all you can have there :P

  2. dear pls develop your taste buds, i seriously doubt you know the taste of karahi. many of my friend from lahore and other parts of punjab liked the karahis cooked in karachi. what you wrote is a new info to me.

  3. Anwar balouch is is reasonable and they offer delicious food aswel but its more famous for “bataer ki karhai” if youve tried that. One restaurant which you have not mentioned is Shaheen shinwari! theyre p good with chicken karhai. i think you should give it a try the next time you visit! Its near Millennium Mall

  4. Been there. Shaheen shinwari and Anwar Balouch lot of times. One good food with original taste is Cafe Subhani (Persian). Its near Atrium in Sadar

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