How to Start your Career as a Financial Analyst in Pakistan

This post is really important for those who want to start a career as financial analyst. It is an open truth that Karachi is the financial hub of Pakistan. And those who have done their homework, know that there are negligible jobs for financial analysts in any other city of the country. For those who have not bothered to look around, please check it for themselves. Now my question is, how can you even think to start your career as financial analyst if you are not willing to move into the city where the whole industry is situated?

So if you are thinking to start your career as financial analyst, move to Karachi after your Masters or Bachelors, start from a lower level and complete any one of the higher qualifications while working in Karachi. Once you get employed here, you will realize on your own the importance of practical knowledge as compared to higher qualification.

In particular, for CFA students, the best time to move into the financial industry is right after getting through your level 1. It would be better to have two or three quality internship experiences by the time you get done with Level 1. Once you get done with level 2, you are considered overqualified.

Look around yourself and you will find millions of examples. This is a practical field. How can only bookish stuff take you anywhere? Realize it guys and take the right initiative. Otherwise there are many other fields like accountancy, banking and management where you could go. If you don’t realize it today, one day you will, but it will be too late by then.

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