Interest in History of the Subcontinent

For some interesting reason I am developing interest in the history of the subcontinent, especially Karachi. The vast number of different communities and their strong backings in Karachi have compelled me to develop some interest in its bygone times. I had detailed history at school in my syllabus but had absolutely no interest at that age.

After 10-15 years, when I am 24, I finally developed the intellect to realize the importance of the olden days. Why in the world, doesn’t the education system figure out that any student’s interest in history can only be developed once he can knows its importance! My immediate interest would be The Travels of Ibn Batutta by Ibn Batutta and how he discovered what we call the world today. Have you read an interesting book on the subject that you could recommend? Anybody?

One thought on “Interest in History of the Subcontinent

  1. i think u shud watch “JINNAH” sari history ka pata chal jaye ga k Pak kasay bana .. Quaid kon thay etc etc..

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