Sources of Data for Routine Morning Meetings at Brokerage Houses

The purpose of routine morning meetings between traders and the research team is that everybody gets updated about the recent development. The research team has to prepare a list of all the updates that happened during the last 24 hours.

1st source for the brokerage houses is the newspapers. Analysts have to read all the newspapers and have to list down the major happenings. Most of the updates are present on the business page of every news paper however one has to check other pages to get updates on political and international fronts.

2nd source for the brokerage houses is the notices which appear on Karachi Stock Exchange’s website. This is the link to the aforesaid page

3rd source for the brokerage houses is a check on the international crude oil prices. These prices are mostly taken from New York Exchange NYMEX .

4th source for the brokerage houses is keeping a check on the buying and selling of equities in the local exchange. This is tracked by National Clearing Company . This website provides data about the foreign investors activities and local investor activities. Check this page to get info see how it reports activity. .

For emerging markets, foreign inflow is one of the major drivers of market development so we need to keep an eye on that.

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